JEC Startup Booster Winners

JEC Startup Booster Winners

photo courtesy of jec composites

Additive manufacturing, biomaterials and disruptive technology were the three innovations presented by 3D Fortify, Pond and H-Prec, the three winners of the JEC Startup Booster programme.

The first day of JEC World 2017, which took place in Paris, marked the launch of the latest programme of JEC Startup Booster, an international programme combining innovations, entrepreneurship, start-ups and composites.

After two hours of pitching in front of a public composed of manufacturers, institutionalists, funders and academics, the start-ups were judged on several criteria, including: quality and clarity of the pitch, innovation and originality of the project, impact for the composites industry, sustainability/cleantech, market potential, and quality of the team.

The members of the jury who announced their favourites come from companies such as Airbus, Astech cluster, Coriolis, Daimler AG, IPC, JEC Group, Onera, Renault, Starburst Accelerator and TUM.

“We are very proud to announce the three “jewels” chosen by the jury among the ten start-ups selected for this first edition. Manufacturers are on the lookout for innovation, and we would like to pay tribute to all of the start-ups, who have outgrown themselves in their presentation and their involvement in this program on JEC World,” said Anne-Manuèle Hébert, Show Director of JEC World and European Events.

“This first edition is a real success, and we look forward to seeing them evolve, because their potential is incredible. Great congratulations to 3D Fortify, Pond and H-Prec. The quality of their proposal reflects the dynamism of composites industry.”


“We are very pleased to be part of the winners of the first edition of this Startup Booster programme. JEC Group offers us a great opportunity that will accelerate our development. Meet-us in March 2018,” said Dr Arnaud Crassous, R&D Manager at H-PREC and one of JEC’s Startup Booster winners.

The three winners of the Startup Booster programme win a prize, a financial contribution and a package worth EUR 15,000, including a booth in JEC World 2018. During the three days of JEC World, the 1,300 exhibitors and the 39,000 expected professional visits could discover the Startup Booster Village, located at the entrance of Hall 6.

“Airbus is engaged with start-ups in order to enable capitalising on innovation coming from the outside and identifying future growth opportunities. From all the submissions from around the world including academics, institutes and SMEs, we will follow up with 15 in the next weeks,” commented Turlough Mcmahon, Partnerships Manager of the Manufacturing Technologies team at Airbus.

JEC Group will open the next Startup Booster competition for JEC World 2018 as of September 2017.