Merino Wool Development in Tiruppur

Merino Wool Development in Tiruppur


Knitwear apparel exporters from the Tiruppur cluster in India are keen on developing and marketing wool-based products.

The Woolmark company recently conducted a secondary level workshop to impart knowledge about merino wool to exporters and manufacturers. The company had also conducted a workshop in Tiruppur on the natural properties of merino wool. A few companies from the cluster has also developed garment samples using wool.

South India is a crucial market for Woolmark as it has rapidly grown in the readymade knitted garment sector and existing skill set that has endless potential. The aim of Woolmark behind organising the workshop was to promote merino wool as a fibre to manufacturers in the region.

Woolmark want to encourage manufacturers and exporters to use Merino wool as a fibre and provide them with necessary technical support. The company and exporters from Tiruppur were extremely cooperative and established keen interest in developing fabric using this fibre throughout their supply chain.

Their joint efforts will help produce and position Merino wool garments in a different light, and drive consumption locally as well as globally. Merino wool can be used in the production of sportswear, T-Shirts, Casuals and many more garments which can be used in both hot and cool climatic conditions.