Find Fashion On-Line with Yuna & Co

Find Fashion On-Line with Yuna & Co

Yuna & Co Team sat down with the CEO of Yuna & Co, Winzendy Tedja, and talked about the future of online fashion forward styling. At Yuna & Co woman can find a personal stylist on-line, and purchase what they will be wearing and hanging on their washing-line at home in their real life. The virtual world through accessibility can really enhance our reality and we were eager to find out more.

What was the inspiration behind the launch of Yuna & Co?

One ordinary day while having my coffee in Starbucks on River Valley, Singapore I started to notice the people that passed me by with their executive looks and how well they dress. A question popped into my mind, “I wonder how much time they spend just to find the right clothes to wear everyday…” and then I thought, “Don’t you wish that personal stylists are available for everyone, everywhere.” The next thing I knew, sketches of the idea and a framework for the business was laid out on my memo.

When did you launch Yuna & Co?

Yuna & Co. was operational on October 2016 and it has just been launched on May 2017 in Indonesia. 

Who was your target market and what has been the response after the launch?

The target market is every female whom are looking for fashion.  Since our launch, great reviews have been pouring regarding how brilliant the UI/UX is and how much they like the item collections that have been recommended. Inputs on how to make the platform stickier have also been received, and Yuna & Co. is now working to implement some of these inputs.

Does Yuna only specialize in female fashion, or does it offer something to men as well?

Yuna & Co. is currently specializing only on female fashion, because more than just offering and recommending items, Yuna is here to understand the target market individually. Hence, Yuna will focus on understanding every female.

Do fashion outlets register with Yuna & Co or how do you source your fashion solutions that you offer to you users?

Fashion outlets register their businesses to Yuna & Co. Every single brands that are listed in Yuna & Co. are a part of the ecosystem where content integrity is of the utmost important to give the best accurate information for our consumers.

Who developed the software for Yuna & Co and how exactly does it manage to match your user with the fashion that will give them the best look?

Yuna & Co. is developed internally by a collection of passionate software engineers in Jakarta, Indonesia. The team itself consists of different expertise from machine learning, computer vision and data scientists.

However, to let the fashion make sense, we have a fashion director who is creating formulas and algorithm to help educate the artificial intelligence and would be able to give better, more relevant recommendation to the users.

Yuna is an on-line artificial intelligent personal stylist, do you find that consumers these days find apps more helpful than asking a real-life person? 

I believe that consumers now live in two different worlds. Their attentions are separated, so it is our role to meet them in both worlds. We believe that while apps and digital solutions are excellent in providing information and faster transactions, real life presence and meeting a real person is always sought after in a different experiential space.

What are all the benefits of using Yuna & Co? 

Yuna & Co. are beneficial for both the consumers and the brands. For consumers, we do not simply sell. We try to understand her style, her attitude and her behavior, and from there recommend a selection of items instead of overwhelming her with thousands of items to browse from.

For brands, we help pick up the customers. We help providing a better representation of their brand and retails that allows personality to be injected into the Chatbots. In the long run, we hope that the brands would be benefited not just from the sales, but also from the analysis that they would get on what consumers like and hence produce better more relevant fashion products for the consumers.

Has there been any negative response or areas of improvement that you could identify since you started? 

Yes, making it simpler for some non-digital native users. While the UI/UX is good, there are certain segments of our users whom find the whole interaction to be a bit complicated and non-intuitive. So we are adding improvements to make it simpler and to provide more instructions.

Until now, the platform stops at recommending, so there are inputs of why consumers can’t just simply buy the item that they really like already. So we are in the process of making that a reality as soon as possible.

Being fashion forward is always trendy, what do you think the future may hold for Yuna & Co in terms of potential growth and expansion into perhaps including other clothing such as bridalwear or maternity wear?

Yuna & Co. is going to capture every possible fashion style and items. The purpose of Yuna & Co. is to help women everywhere find their fashion match easily for any occasion, style and purpose.

Expanding to bridalwear, maternity, hijab and sports are some of our short-term goals.

One of our expansion plans is to extend our services to other markets in south east Asia. We are also brewing something interesting that we can’t reveal much about, but would be coming early on next year.  

What is your forecast for the next 5 years for YUNA & CO?

Yuna & Co. is going to be available in multiple markets and turning into the go-to app on fashion for women. We have other plans to extend the service to other verticals, but it is still a work in progress to be revealed as of yet.