A New Generation Draw Frame by Reiter

A New Generation Draw Frame by Reiter

photo courtesy of rieter

Winterthur based Rieter in Switzerland has launched the new generation of RSB-D 50 draw frame. The new single-head draw frame generation gives productivity increase of up to 33 per cent, reduced energy costs, quicker lot change at outstanding sliver quality, and easy, intuitive operation.

The patented drive concept ECOrised, 25 per cent of the belts and drive elements as well as the differential gear are saved compared to the previous model. Two servo-motors drive the drafting system. Unique features are the frequency-controlled drive for the suction and the individual drive for the coiler. The new drive solution for the coiler leads to straight belt tracking and a far longer lifetime. The quiet machine is evidence of the low abrasion.

As a standard feature, the draw frames are now equipped with integrated energy measuring. Should a significantly increased power consumption occur, preventive maintenance can be carried out and a breakdown of the machine thus avoided. With a short power fluctuation, the control voltage is supplied from the drive converter. This energy store can compensate short-term voltage interruptions and reductions. The draw frame keeps running. With longer interruptions, the draw frame with active auto-levelling shuts down in a controlled manner. The web remains in the threaded condition and allows a rapid restart.

CLEANcoil is the standard coiler for all fibre materials and therefore offers maximal flexibility. The spiral coiling tube ensures coiling which is free of drafting faults, even at high delivery speeds. A honeycomb structure on the coiler underside reliably prevents deposits.

For the processing of 100 per cent polyester, the latest development CLEANcoil-PES with a new type of coating offers unique advantages in coiling. Even with critical polyester fibres, the cleaning cycle can be extended by at least 100 per cent. This also leads to more consistent sliver and yarn quality.