Yuna + Co – Assessable Style at your Finger Tips  

Yuna + Co – Assessable Style at your Finger Tips  

CEO Yuna & Co Winzendy Tedja

Yuna is the first matchmaking fashion app in Indonesia that makes use of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and machine learning. It is through chatbot technology that Yuna learns fashion styles and user preferences to match them with items offered by fashion brands: It is easy, all you must do is respond to your chat messages, after your initial registration, and Yuna will help you choose your own customized style from various clothing brands and stores – just like a real personal assistant would have!  

“AI adoption and machine learning help buyers make decisions faster, especially when deciding on fashion products. At the same time the seller or retailer receives information that helps them formulate the right promotional activities, “adds the CEO of Yuna & Co Winzendy Tedja.

Winzendy Tedja created Yuna with Antonius Murdhani (CXO) and Roy Prawira (CTO) in October 2016. All three partners believe in the advancement of technological innovation, an assessable user experience and solid business model and to use creativity to make life easier.

Winzendy is a digital strategist who continually expands his knowledge and experience. Earlier in his career in the digital world founded a web development company called XITUZ in 2008. The company evolved into a digital agent and was finally acquired by WPP-AUNZ in 2012, where XITUZ was changed to XION. After the acquisition, Winzendy became the managing director of the agency where it grew significantly from 20 people to 100 people by 2016.

Antonius started his career in digital industry in 2011 at WPP-AUNZ, an Australian-New Zealand marketing communications services company. As Creative Director of WPP-AUNZ’s first branch office in Indonesia, he successfully led the company to gain recognition by winning three prestigious awards within two years. During Anthony’s tenure with Alpha Salmon, a leading digital agent in the Asia-Pacific region, he cultivated UI / UX and the development of digital products. This led him to find 20 people starting a company focused on digital production. Drawing from his experience in managing his knowledge of the user experience, he continued his dedication in the digital marketing industry with XION and Aleph Labs.

Roy Prawira has been in the digital world since 1999 as an independent developer. During his career, he has worked for various technologies and managerial roles in many companies. Roy has been involved in a variety of business applications. (Lifestyle, Bank, Hospitality, Digital Advertising). Especially interested in the scale of the company’s Open Source Software and proprietary technologies.

Along with the introduction of the iOS version of Yuna last May 2017, the app got sponsorship from Garena to open a booth at Tech in Asia Singapore. In July 2017 the android version beccame available for download and Yuna joined the Alpha project at the Hong Kong RISE conference exhibition.

Yuna was given the opportunity to compete among the top 15 startups in the G-Startup competition. In November 2017 Yuna phase two launched – giving women to a complete journey from the search stage to actual purchase.

According to Winzendy “Yuna is made to make the fashion world inclusive for everyone. We believe that fashion should be fun, easy and free for everyone to imagine, explore and experiment at any time. Our vision is to help Yuna help empower women through fashion. “

Yuna currently incorporates o32 brands, over 500.00 SKU’s allowing millions of matching mix and match. “In the era of hyper personalization, Yuna performs in accordance with the right content in matching user style preferences. The more users interact with the platform, the smarter and more intuitive Al will become and more accurate in matching “added Winzendy.

With Yuna looking more attractive than ever has never been more easie: Yuna makes it easier for women to navigate the fashion world, seek inspiration, imitate celebrity styles, blend in our own style, interact with fashion influencers to express the reliability of our own fashion instincts. All this is now at the tip of a finger as Yuna’s interactive chatbox curates what women want from the right and precise fashion brands.