Thursday, February 21, 2019

About Us

Texia provides our discerning readers with news worthy materials related to the fashion and textile industry from Asia and around the globe. Our premium coverage includes news blasts, in-depth interviews and informative industry related editorials.

Texia’s website offers a regular line-up of sections and departments that keep tabs on the latest technological as well as economic developments that influence local and global export and import markets:

A regular Q&A with the people at the pinnacle of Asia’s rise in the fashion and textile industry. We talk to emerging and established industry leaders, designers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities about

their work, philosophy, advise and drive to succeed. We want to enable our readers to share in each other’s expertise and experiences and learn from those that enhance expectations.

A regular Texia guide showcasing the latest posts from our website via a short newsletter to our growing database. Mention in our newsletter highlights your post and reaches a target audience of subscribers specifically interested or linked to our industry.

News blasts from around the globe to keep you up to date with what is happing from Indonesia to India and beyond. Our reporters are on the lookout to find all relative and interesting developments to share online with our audience and niche target market.

In depth coverage of all exhibitions, fashion weeks and trade shows pertinent to the industry and our readers.

A look at trends in garment and textile manufacturing from industry leaders and manufacturing companies. We take our readers behind the scenes into the technical application of technology that evolve into the most up to date products for profit and aesthetic appeal.

A compilation of the best of our editorial selections to highlight innovation.

Advertorials to promote and stimulate business welfares of curated and preapproved content.

An unbiased review and comparison of manufacturing machinery and products used to produce textiles or garments.