Apparel Merchandising

Apparel Merchandising


Apparel Merchandising is a process of presenting the product to the consumer via the Apparel Merchandiser. The costing, selecting and ordering of the latest trends, styles and sizes are all forecasted by the Apparel Merchandiser. As the main buyer the Apparel Merchandiser plays a very important role within the fashion industry.

Below is a list that clearly illustrates the tasks that the Apparel Merchandiser needs to perform:

• Predict upcoming fashion trends and implement up-to-date apparel manufacturing projects.

• Source cutting-edge textiles, apparels and clothing for stores.

• Order a specified quality of garments along with required sizes, colours and styles.

• Forecast the budget, costing and profitability.

• Follow the same process for all trending accessories to complement each season’s apparel.

• Understand and Predict the market in order to save costs.

• Correspondence with buyers and the manufacturers.

• Encourage the manufacturing industries to deliver a product in time.

• Inform the manufacturers about the quality control and expectations of the consumer.