Athleisure Odour Control Surveys

Athleisure Odour Control Surveys


A consumer research study conducted by Swiss textile innovator HeiQ in May revealed that participating consumers are concerned about odours on their textiles.

The awareness of anti-odour functionalities in clothing or home textiles is significant, and communication about odour control technologies add value to the concept. It is due to the ongoing rising athleisure trend that sports clothing has become part of everyday life.

All the participating consumers were concerned about odours on their textile goods, unfortunately most solution only focuses on post-treatments. Consumers are willing to pay a 15% price premium for textiles with odour control functionality, according to the Cotton Inc’s 2016 Retail Monitor survey.

The in-depth consumer research study by HeiQ will be released with full insights to their brand partners by the end of July.

The participating consumer’s focus on increased or stronger washing to post-treat odours on textiles increases the environmental impact. If brands communicate that their products will be odourless, and basically would not need an extra washing cycle, those brands can indirectly contribute to a reduced environmental footprint of their textile goods plus prolong the product’s lifespan.