“Athleisure” the Hybrid Trend Goes Inside Out!

“Athleisure” the Hybrid Trend Goes Inside Out!


The fashion forward trend called Athleisure, in which active wear gets styled to be worn for work, casual or social occasions has taken on a new twist – or rather went completely inside out! In 2017 this trend has influenced innerwear and sparked an adaptation of designing lingerie with cuts, colours and technical details so that it could be worn as outerwear.

Perhaps the active lifestyle has made way for a more comfortable lifestyle, with this new trend. Long gone are the days where active or sportswear were only worn in the gym, as people took advantage of its comforts during leisure times as well. Yoga pants, tights, and leggings are worn by women for their comfort and movability rather than for their original design purpose. Seeing underwear evolving into streetwear might still be a shock to some.

The latest designs of supportive delicates and sports bras of women are bold and functional enough to be worn as outerwear. The lingerie market is exploding with such options for women. This innovative and experimental trend introduces new shapes and materials for use as lingerie with soft hues and delicate floral lace combined with superior craftsmanship.

Easy-to-wear styles including bralettes and comfortable lounge bras for the casual lifestyle which will stimulate the natural cross-over styling of a sports bra from day to evening activities; from the gym to work to lounging, are available. The meant-to-be-seen trend continues to influence the use of bold, strappy and lace details on innerwear garments while crochet makes a comeback in modern contemporary styles to embody the spirit of summer.