Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association Renamed

Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association Renamed


Brussels-based Foreign Trade Association, a global business association for open and sustainable trade, has been renamed ‘amfori’. Building on 40 years of experience and understanding of the UN agenda for sustainable development, the organisation developed a long-term Vision 2030 and evolved into amfori to support it.

Keeping in view that it is no longer enough to deliver high-quality products at low prices with good availability and the products need to be delivered in a way that does no harm – either to people or the environment, amfori enables businesses to monitor performance across their supply chain, empower them and their suppliers with a range of educational tools to improve, and engage globally and locally to shape a policy environment where sustainable trade can flourish, according to a press release from the organisation.

Its mission now is to enable businesses to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. This is what it calls ‘trade with purpose’.

Among amfori’s strategic priorities for 2018 include demonstrating the benefits of open and sustainable trade and working against the rise in protectionist tendencies, and working on responsible recruitment and addressing forced labour, human trafficking and women’s empowerment.