China Made by Africa

China Made by Africa


China is interested to move and expanded their products by relocating companies to Africa or by relocating Africans to China.

Today’s China is no longer as lucrative for manufacturing; wages have gone up and with it the cost of production. As a labour-intensive industry, garment makers cannot escape the pressure caused by soaring expense of labour in China any longer. Besides the increasing labour cost, the growth rate has also been slowed down, and the cost of high-quality cotton dropped by 26 percent making it impossible for the industry to be profitable.

Many garment makers have dealt with these challenges by recruiting low cost labour from Africa or Southeast Asia to continue production in China. About 2600 workers have recruited already from Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania by prominent Chinese companies.

African countries are also welcoming investments from China. Morocco has benefited from Chinese investment. Chinese garment producers can look to gain better access to European, Africa and other markets if they set up factories in Morocco. They can take advantage of the country's strategic position at the crossroads of the main trade routes linking Africa and Europe, as well as its free trade agreements with the United States, the EU, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and West Africa.

Over the years, China has transformed from manufacturing cheap garments to a major supplier for international brands, so being in the country also means being close to the most dynamic market. The fast-changing consumer tastes in China means brands must keep innovating by creating new designs and new functions, which raises new requirements for garment manufacturers. This is making Made in China by Africa or made in Africa for China an expanding possibility.