Creating Apparel Jobs in Ghana

Creating Apparel Jobs in Ghana


The joint venture of DTRT Apparel Ltd and Ghana’s Dignity Industries launched in Accra the Ghana Apparel Manufacturing Expansion project under the Global Development Alliance (GAME-GDA. The USAID in collaboration with Dignity DTRT Limited is a cooperative agreement between both parties to train 1,337 people and create 1,187 apparel-making jobs.

Around 80 per cent of these jobs will be filled by women, many of whom lack job skills, come from low-income backgrounds and are out-of-school adolescents. The apparel, which range from shirts to outerwear, will be sold by Seattle-based SanMar.

Dignity Industries, a wholly Ghanaian-owned company, has a 51 per cent stake in the joint venture initiated in 2014, while DTRT Apparel Limited, a Ghanaian-registered company with American ownership with offices in San Diego, California, owns 49 per cent. The DTRT Group is West Africa’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter.

The new partnership, launched on August 14, will also add at least $20 million annually in duty-free apparel exports from Ghana to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and help DTRT support its US-based distribution centres, according to a press release from the US Embassy in Accra.