Ecommerce Boosts Employment in India

Ecommerce Boosts Employment in India


Ecommerce has the potential to add 12 million of the 80 million new jobs in India. Nearly three-fourths of the new jobs in the e-commerce sector are expected to be in broad supply chain activities, logistics, warehousing and courier. Less than 30% would be in customer care, information technology and management.  

The ecommerce business in India is already showing the potential to support the projected growth for new job opportunities. India, according to this report, has 330 million internet subscribers, almost all of which are wireless. This means mobile phone-driven e-commerce activities will be a major force for growth.

There is also immense potential in the retail sector, which could be brought under the organised retail framework, creating sufficient headroom for growth in e-commerce. At present, organised retail accounts for only 8% of the overall retail pie in India against China’s 25% and 85% in the United States.

The biggest challenge for this rural transformation, however, is Internet penetration in the villages.