Fabric Spreading

Fabric Spreading


Fabric spreading is the preparatory process for cutting.

During fabric spreading a cut order plan or composition is to be maintained according to the following guidelines:

1. The number of plies of each color depends on order quality and thickness of fabrics and can reach up to 300 layers.
2. Ply length depends on marker length.
3. The fabric should be placed in the correct direction

The following list states some basic requirements of fabric spreading:

1. The plies need to be aligned and each ply must be parallel to the next.
2. A constant and uniform tension needs to be maintained during spreading of all the plies.
3. The fabric must be spread flat and without any folds or creases.
4. Each ply must be covered by the area of the marker.
5. The fabric must be spread at the same side of the spreading or cutting table, to avoid wrong direction.
6. A metal spike must be used during the spreading of patterned, check or striped fabrics.

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