Goods Flow Post Brexit

Goods Flow Post Brexit

Photo by Parker Burchfield

The UK government has outlined its position and principles in ensuring a smooth and orderly withdrawal from the EU regarding availability of goods. British Retail Consortium (BRC) has welcomed the greater clarity that is emerging on how goods placed onto market before Brexit could be traded and moved between the UK and EU markets after Brexit.

The Position Paper on ‘Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK’ released by the UK government proposes four principles.

First, goods placed on the Single Market before exit should continue to circulate freely in the UK and the EU, without additional requirements or restrictions.

Second, businesses whom have undertaken compliance activities prior to exit, should not be required to duplicate these activities.

Third, the agreement should facilitate the continued oversight of goods. Lastly, 2here the goods are supplied with services, there should be no restriction to the provision of these services that could undermine the agreement on goods.

The four key principles are aimed at providing legal certainty, while avoiding disruption to business and consumers regarding the availability of goods.

If the UK Government and EU Commission could reach agreement this would remove the risk of goods being left in a legal limbo across key supply and sourcing chains in early 2019. The BRC is committed to campaigning for a Fair Brexit for Consumers. Ensuring the free flow of goods is one of the key ways in which consumer choice can be maintained, but prices can stay as low as possible.