Handloom Revival in Bangladesh

Handloom Revival in Bangladesh


The government of Bangladesh is launching a handloom census to help revive the country’s handloom industry. The handloom census 2017 will be carried out across the country with government spending of Tk 80 million. The census is aimed at taking an overview of the sector, identifying problems, counting people involved in the sector and increasing production.

The main objectives of the census are to observe overall situation of the sector, identify its problems and possibilities, count people involved with the sector and promote the sector for increasing the production capacity. The census will also gather information on handlooms, ownership, demand for handloom products, working and permanent capital.

The handloom industry, which is a major source of earnings for many rural people, is passing through hard times. Due to low wage coupled with lack of capital, handloom weavers are struggling for survival and switching to other professions. About 0.129 million handlooms closed over the last three decades due to a lack of funds.

Major handloom products include jamdani, benarasi, Tangail saree, handloom cotton saree, lungi, silk saree, napkin, check fabrics, tribal fashion wear, Monipuri fashion garments, and Rakhine special wear.

The government has prepared a scheme for overall development of the handloom sector. They are already in the process of launching the scheme.