Hydro Bot a New Breakthrough Technology

Hydro Bot a New Breakthrough Technology


Osmotex, a Swiss Norwegian start up, joined forces with four textile industry leaders to developed a revolutionary technology for moisture management named Hydro Bot. Hydro bot promises to solve the challenge of transporting moisture resulting from human sweat rates in various climates, conditions and activity levels.

At the ISPO Munich trade event the four industry leaders whom presented the Hydro Bot was; production partner and Swiss textile manager Shoeller Testil AG, primary product developer of premium sportswear Kjus, technology partner Belginova and Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories which played a key role in conducting cutting-edge materials and technology research.

Together Osmotex and its four development partners aim to support people in their work, leisure and sporting activities with intelligent textile products. Hydro Bot was developed and produced as a highly-functional textile technology. A ski jacket featuring the Hydro Bot Technology displayed new levels of skiwear comfort. This technology can also be applied in a myriad active wear designs to help with odour and moisture management because of sweating.

The revolutionary Hydro Bot Technology is a scientific breakthrough that will soon influence the entire chain of sports and performance clothing.