Ideal Yarn

Ideal Yarn


Ideal yarn would contain all of the following properties:

• The Yarn’s circular and cross-section should be in uniform along its length.

• The Yarn must be composed of concentric layers of different radial.

• Each fibre must follow a uniform helical path around one of the concentric cylinders so that the distance from yarn’s axis remains constant.

• Each fibre at the centre will follow a straight line with the axis.

• The axis of the circular cylinders’ coin sides should be paralleled.

• The number of filaments or fibres crossing the unit area must be consistent.

• Every filament in the yarn must the same amount of twist per unit length.

• The yarn should consist of a very large number of filaments.

If one of the above mentioned yarn properties is absent on any yarn, then the yarn should not be used for the weaving of fabric.

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