Mayer & Cie’s New Relanit Model

Mayer & Cie’s New Relanit Model

photo courtesy of Mayer&Cie.

Mayer & Cie. (MCT), a leading developer of circular knitting machines, exhibited at the ShanghaiTex trade fair. The 18th international exhibition on textile machinery was held from November 27 to 30, 2017, in Pudong, China. MCT machines make fabrics for home textiles, sportswear, nightwear and swimwear, seat covers, underwear, and technical uses.

MCT will be showcased a new Relanit model, the Relanit 3.2 SC. was specially developed for the Chinese market. Its final assembly took place in China with a knitting head from the company’s main factory in Germany. The company’s ShanghaiTex booth also included an info stand about spinitsystems, Mayer & Cie.’s new spinning and knitting technology.

The Relanit 3.2 SC incorporates locally made components while the knitting head is manufactured as a matter of principle at Mayer & Cie.’s main factory in Germany. The quality of the knitting head largely determines the quality of the fabric that will be knitted on the machine. At the same time, local final assembly increases the flexibility and speed at which local orders can be handled.

With a 30-inch diameter, the Relanit 3.2 SC reaches speeds of up to 40 rpm. It also puts points on the scoreboard by using significantly less energy than conventional machines.

The Relanit 3.2 SC is suitable for a wide range of uses. The Relanit’s traditional speciality is processing cotton, such as for sports and leisure outerwear or for nightwear and underwear. It is equally well suited, however, for the manufacture of fabrics for the automotive industry or for home textiles. The company will presented how it’s Spinit 3.0 E, a machine that also uses relative technology, works. Relative technology is a central feature of the Spinit 3.0 E, a model that combines spinning, cleaning. and knitting in one machine.