Optima Molliter Aid Diabetics

Optima Molliter Aid Diabetics


Sensoria Health and Optima Molliter are partnering to create the first smart diabetic footwear product that monitors a patient’s compliance to the clinician’s prescribed mechanical offloading protocol. The smart device, Motus Smart powered by Sensoria Health, combines pressure sensors and the Sensoria Core technologies with Optima Molliter Offloading System.

One of the most dangerous and expensive complications of diabetes is represented by diabetic foot wounds, which occur in up to one third of people with diabetes. In the US, direct costs associated with complications to diabetic limbs exceed the five most expensive cancers.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 422 million people suffer from diabetes. In many countries, including the USA, diabetes is an emergency of epidemic proportions, and diabetic foot complications are one of the most painful effects: every 30 seconds, a limb is lost due to diabetes.

Offloading is essential to diabetic foot ulcer healing, according to podiatry consensus guidelines. Motus Smart will significantly improve the lives of people that suffer from diabetic foot complications. With Sensoria’s technology, caregivers and clinicians will have access to multitudes of patient data, allowing them to track compliance and intervene before amputation becomes unavoidable.