Sound Proof with Snowsound-Fiber

Sound Proof with Snowsound-Fiber

photo courtesy of sitbackandrelax

Snowsound, a premier acoustic panel manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new patented Snowsound-Fiber textile products developed to meet the growing demand for acoustic comfort.

Their new sound-absorbing textiles optimise room acoustics, while offering complementary applications that go beyond existing solutions. These acoustic fabrics will be initially available in 41 textures and colour combinations and will be sold in rolls.

The Snowsound-Fiber textiles has six patented microscopic weave geometries, each offering a distinct tactile experience. Made from 100% polyester fibre, these textiles are all flammability tested, Greenguard Gold certified and 100% recyclable, producing durable and environmentally sustainable.

Snowsound Art is an acoustic panel with unique graphic art. Snowsound Art displays designs of Gillo Dorfles, a distinguished art critic. Born in Italy, the painter and artist was a contemporary of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

There are three new mounting solutions on offer for existing panels. Snowfix flush mounting brackets support Baffle, Oversize Baffle, Oversize and Snowsound Art panels and are available in matte white and stain nickel finishes. The new products from Snowsound offers only the best in sound proof technology.