Sustainability Joins Global Leaders

Sustainability Joins Global Leaders


Leading international brands and retailers, cotton standards, and other stakeholders across the supply chain have joined hands to form ‘Cotton 2040’. This initiative is driving change by acting to scale up and overcome barriers to sustainable cotton uptake across multiple standards, so that more sustainable cotton becomes a mainstream commodity.

Convened by sustainability non-profit organisation ‘Forum for the Future’, with support from the C&A Foundation, it includes leading retailers M&S and Target; industry standards Better Cotton Initiative and Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA), organic standards (represented by Textile Exchange), the Fairtrade Foundation, industry initiatives Cotton Connect, IDH, Cotton Australia, Value Added in Africa and Organic Cotton Accelerator as well as the London College of Fashion.

Through research and close consultation with cotton stakeholders across the industry over 2015-2016, certain priority areas for action have been set. It includes building demand for more sustainable cotton: enabling an increased demand for sustainable cotton within the fashion and apparel industry, closing the loop on cotton: scaling up cotton recycling and circularity, traceability: building greater visibility and transparency throughout the cotton value chain and across standards and upskilling for resilience: creating a cross-industry forum to build resilience among smallholder cotton farmers in a changing world.

These tools, currently in development, will be tested and piloted by coalition members, then launched and shared with the wider textile industry in October 2017.

The coalition is now looking for additional partners with resources, expertise and drive to act in one or more of these four areas together.