US smartphone Search and Shop Culture

US smartphone Search and Shop Culture


Per the latest research up to 60 per cent e-shoppers in the US use phones for shopping and two thirds search online for additional product information. Online and mobile searches leading to purchases remains the primary way consumers make decisions.

The Path to Purchase Using Mobile Devices Market Research report by CTA says that the increasing use of smartphones for shopping has drastically impacted the consumer's path to purchase. About nine in ten mobile device owners have at least one subscription to access coupons, promotions, and special discounts.

US consumers strongly prefer mobile-optimised websites over apps. They seek value, exclusivity and authenticity, as well as personalised content and deals based on location, all of which mobile devices can provide. Despite high ownership of mobile devices, 41 per cent of consumers use a desktop or laptop to assist in shopping.

About 61 per cent of purchases are made in-store, with 29 per cent of consumers searching for product information while shopping in-store. While consumers say, smartphones offer quick access to information.