Wool Fibre

Wool Fibre


Wool is a luxurious multi-cellular animal fibre which is generally harvested from sheep, making it very expensive. Produced worldwide there are different varieties of wool available on the market, with some exquisite wool harvested from angora rabbits or cashmere goats.

Types of Wool fibre obtained from sheep:

Recovered Wool: Is the recycling of wool which has been made into yarns and fabric or has even been worn. Recovered wool of this sort are usually mixed with fleece or new wool and used for low and medium quality fabrics.
There are three types of recovered wool:
1.Shoddy Wool

All Wool: A fabric or garment labelled as ‘All Wool’ is not necessarily made from new wool. It may contain a proportion of recovered wool. In actual fact most wool is composed of recovered wool and new wool.

Virgin Wool:
Completely pure new wool or fleece wool is known as virgin wool.

Lamb’s Wool: The finest wool is obtained from lambs. Lamb’s Wool clipped at eight months is very fine and of excellent quality.

Hog Wool: When sheep are 14 months old, the wool is stronger and thicker and referred to as hog wool.

Cross-bred Wool: Crossing of the merino breed with other sheep breeds will produce cross-bred wool.

Uses of Wool Fibre:

Wool is widely used in clothing from knitwear such as socks and jumpers to textiles used for suits and costumes. It is used in the furniture trade both for making chair covers and for upholstery.